Music On-hold Players for Your 2 - 4 line & PBX / Key Phones

     PBX / Key On-hold Equipment
Prodigital USB50
on-hold equipment


For our customers who are looking for a more economical solution for a music on-hold player we now carry the Prodigital USB50. Although the price is low, the benefits of this unit are outstanding. This on-hold player has a 5 year manufacturer warranty and made of extruded aluminum for durability plus great digital sound.
Introductory Price - $189


Premier USB 1200
on-hold equipment


Premier USB 1200 music on-hold player is easy to use, compatible with PC & MAC & has a 3 year warranty. Sure we could have went on about all it's great details, bottom line is that we have been with Premier since 1998 because we want to provide music on-hold equipment that is hassle free, & with Premier products that is exactly what you need . Price - $289


     2 - 4 line On-hold Equipment
On-hold Plus 6500
music on-hold equipment

For 2 - 4 lines on-hold solutions the On-hold Plus 6500 music on-hold player works with virtually all single and multi-line phones. This dependable and simple to use music on-hold player is one of the industry standards for 2 - 4 line phone. The Onhold Plus 6500 uses a USB drive to upload the audio source (MP3 file). Price - $365

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