Learn How to Write Great Music On-Hold Marketing Scripts

1. Keep it simple and in a language that your customer will understand.

2. If you just can't stand an aggressive sale pitch, don't do it. There is nothing wrong with just announcing your companies name and having great music to pacify your customers. Keep your company culture consistent.

3. Great marketing copy is about reinforcing why your customers are calling in the first place.

4. Construct your paragraphs in way where they can stand on there on because you need to have some time between each paragraph so that the customer on-hold can understand your messages.

5. Acknowledge that you appreciate your customers time and patience.

6. Direct them to your website. Your customers just might find the answer to their questions.

7. Announce upcoming events.

8. Keep your music on-hold marketing messages fresh. Especially if you have repeat customer calling back. Change out you message so that it does not lose it's effective.

9. If their are any holidays coming, announce holiday specials.

10. Include a "Call to Action". For example, "Ask about our _________ when we return to the line".

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