Who Your Are is Key to a Successful Marketing Campaign

Let's face it, having different messages on your marketing material is hard for customers to link back to your business. For example, if your current billboard has a completely different look from your business card then a customer is lost. To really understand the obstacles that your company is facing, it takes finding where the problem begins. What your brand and corporate culture are is a good start to finding that next great marketing campaign. Let's sit down and roll up our sleeves to find what approach would work best for your business' situation.

Branding: Keep it Consistent

Your first rule of thumb is to focus your brand. If you have several company logos that are floating around your company, let's stop it now! Bud from Accounting does not have the authority to redesign your company colors to match his report cover. Barbara in Human Resource is determined to fit your rectangular logo in a square for her forms. Stop the madness and take control of your brand.

Your marketing team is the "gatekeeper" for all branding. Have your marketing team begin by having an official logo on file and official colors that you use --always. This is called a logo specification information sheet that can be sent to all internal and external users along with your logo. It will have the "rules" on how to use your logo. For example, some companies do not allow their logo to be used on any materials promoting events with alcohol, or some non profit organizations do not allow their logo to be used "for profit" cross promotions. Set your rules according to the owner or CFO of your company. Decide what is best for your message and do not stray from it. Remember to educate employee and vendors about proper brand compliance.

And finally, let's keep the same feel on all collateral material. Let's not get carried away with having a flashy billboard if that doesn't translate to the core message behind your brand. There will always be a designer out there that is going to try to "lose" your branded look for something they think is "better" designed. This is like putting in a younger quarterback to replace the seasoned veteran who got you to the championship game. Let's get you on the right track now by sitting down for a consultation with our branding team.