Marketing and Advertising Essentials

Starting a business without advertising is like winking in the dark. The only person who knows you are doing that is yourself. So turn on the light to your success and get the word out.

The first thing is to believe in your product, service & yourself. Second, is to market
your new business
professionally. That's where we can help with a logo, business cards,
brochures, t-shirt printing, letterhead design, lawn signs, posters and website design and website hosting. Lastly, be consistent & keep the message going.

Of course the best advertising is great word of mouth, but to get the ball rolling for word of mouth is to initially have people coming to you through advertising and marketing.

New Business Helpful Hints for Advertising & Marketing

  • Print as many t-shirts with your logo, an eye catching design and you website, and hand them out to your friends, family and customers to wear. Also be sure to wear them as much as YOU can. This is a great grass roots marketing strategy if you are you are on a tight budget. For extra saving, limit the number of colors in your design. We can come up with great designs with a limited amout of colors. Call and let's brainstorm today.

  • Have a double sided business card, and put a coupon on one side. Next, go to store where you can leave business cards. Restaurants are great for this.

  • Keep your signage fresh and seasonal, especially your banners, email marketing campaigns, in-store signage, flash banners on your website and tabletop signs.

  • Be Persistent! Go to local stores and ask if they will let you put your business flyer on their window. If they say no, see if they will let you do it for a small fee ( money talks ).

  • Your customer email addresses are like gold so ask for them as politely as possible, and let them know the wonderful value that getting on your e-mail marketing list will provide them.